Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My winter break

Well my winter break has been going awesome. As you know I was hired for an intern at a magazine called Karma and love it. I went to my first big event they held, which landed on NYE. I spent it in SF at a club and worked a little while I was there- got some email addresses, hung up posters, socialized, and at the end passed out free Karma magazines for everyone to have. I brought four other friends (for free also) and they helped me throughout the night. It was so fun, everyone recognized the shirt I was wearing for Karma and treated us like stars.

Well after that exciting weekend I am back at the office. I am helping the magazine get some more publicity. It is going pretty well..

Now for the exciting part- the reason why I decided to write!

I have been invited to go on the Tyra Banks show next week. They are flying me to La for free and letting me stay in a hotel. I am so excited. I am going on the plastic surgery episode and am going to talk about pedicure safety and my tragic incident that happened two years ago. It is going to be so much fun to be on national tv and tell my story, also I am pretty excited to meet Tyra Banks!

I will let you know how it all goes.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Speaking of new jobs

Just a few days after I posted my last blog, I got a new job myself! It is an internship at Karma Magazine, which is a national night life magazine. I am so excited! And thanks to Lilly's constant emails of internships, I decided to check this one out. And what do you know? They hired me over many other applicants, or so they said ..... Either way my first day is tomorrow. So I will let you all know how my first day went!

Check out their website

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Need some extra cash?

The Holidays are the perfect time to make some extra money, since companies are hiring for seasonal positions. Most positions are temporary but you never know if they will keep you on. This is also the best chance to get some discounts from the stores you love. If you get a job at a store you like, such as Crate & Barrel or Macy’s, you can earn the employees discounts.
However when most people hear "holiday hiring," they think retail -- and that is indeed a major focus for employers. U.S. retailers added almost 700,000 holiday jobs in 2005. Some stores hire thousands nationwide: Crate and Barrel, for example, expects to add about 3,000 seasonal workers this year. And some jobs are created by small shops that hire just one or two extra workers.
Usually companies start hiring for the holidays in November but some still are looking for people in December and the jobs last till about early January. Employers are looking for employees who can provide excellent customer service, since everyone will be pushing and shoving in line. I think the prospective student should also have tolerance—because there is going to be A LOT of patrons. I do not think I could handle a retail job, especially over the holidays. Flexibility seems to be a big issue for employers also because the malls are open later and they need all the help they can catch. Generally employers also like to hire applicants who are familiar with the store. Usually regular customers who will see signs posted and hopefully apply within.
Keep in mind- this holiday job could land you an unending job as well. Managers typically look at how the employee works during this hectic time and then can decide if the person should be kept on.

Click here for some job seeking tips

Monday, December 04, 2006

Just in time for Finals- Laughter

It could not have been a finer time for me to see the episode on ABC this morning. It was titled “Laughter Yoga.” So what is it? Well laughter, fun, ya know…. the laughter that makes your stomach hurt.

If you are as stressed out as I am this last week of the semester, maybe this would be a good thing to endeavor. This is laughter yoga, a sidesplitting new fitness fad that's part traditional yoga, part improv and all silliness. But where do I find this new fad? In the OC, well crap I do not have time to go down there before finals but I wish I could. The people on the news looked like they were having so much fun!
Laughter enhances the breathing exercises that are so important to yoga and creates social interaction that isn't found in other styles which focus more on inward concentration.

“About 60 U.S. instructors who trained in India with the man who invented the style now instruct thousands of practitioners from California to Connecticut. About one-third of the known American laughter yoga clubs are in California, said Sebastien Gendry, founder of the American School of Laughter Yoga in Pasadena.”

Jeffrey Briar, who founded the Laughter Yoga Institute in Laguna Beach a month ago, said his daily yoga lessons are now such a common sight on the beach that dog-walkers and joggers no longer stare. Sometimes they even join in. Imagine all the lucky, laughing people in the OC- ha ha.
Briar has practiced laughter yoga for more than a year and said he has shared his discovery with more than 4,500 people at the daily beachside sessions. It doesn't matter if the laughter is forced or fake in the beginning, he said. Hey, I can act, so maybe this wouldn’t be too complicated.
"Most people think they have to feel good first in order to laugh. But you can start from nothing, you can even start feeling unhappy and just laugh as a form of exercise, and happy feelings follow," said Briar, a slight 51-year-old with a perpetual grin, intentionally mismatched Converse sneakers and piercing blue eyes. So Lilly, if you see me strolling in on the day of the final laughing, you will know why!
"If you're laughing with a group of other people, fake laughter very quickly becomes real," he said. "It's part of the social phenomenon."
Therefore scholars, when you’re studying this week for finals in a group, START LAUGHING! I will be…….

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A glass a day keeps the doctors away

So I know you have all heard the expression, “one apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” But how about “one glass a wine a day, keeps the doctor away.” Scientists have proven in the UK that the “oligomeric procyanidins” are the likely ingredient in red wine that contributes to healthy hearts and longevity. Who would have ever thought? So actually a little alcohol once a day could help improve your health. There are also some red wines that carry more of the procyanidins than others. These procyanidins are found in plants, fruits, grapes, bark, and seeds and therefore end up in the red wine.

Dr. Roger Corder from Queen Mary’s School of Medicine said that not everyone has been agreeing with this theory that red wine actually possesses heart-healthy properties. Some say that it may be due to the complexity and variability in the constituents in the different wines.
To glance into this matter, “the investigators cultured human blood vessel cells and exposed them to 165 different wines to identify the polyphenols with most potent effects on blood vessels.”

“They found that procyanidins suppress production of a protein called endothelin-1 that constricts blood vessels. High-performance liquid chromatography identified oligomeric procyanidins as the specific phenolic constituent responsible for this effect.”
The active constituents in grape seed are oligomeric procyanidins or OPC. Writing in her book, Miracle Cures, nutrition journalist Jean Carper notes that the OPC in grape seed extract, "is expert at treating vascular diseases because it actually increases the structural strength of weakened blood vessels." Carper continues that although USA research on grape seed extract is in its infancy, there are four hundred decades of sound studies and proven use in Europe, especially France, to suggest that it is highly effective. OPC has been isolated in all plants and red wine by French Chemist Dr. Jack Masquelier.

Maybe this is why the people in Europe drink so much wine and seem to live longer healthier lives.

People living in Nuoro province, Sardinia, and southwest France have higher than normal average longevity. And wines from those regions, Corder and colleagues found, had a 2- to 4-fold higher inhibitory effect on endothelin-1 and significantly higher oligomeric procyanidin levels than wines from Australia, Europe, South America, the US, and Sardinia. Hmm. Hmmm. Well maybe I will start buying French wine… PSssssh if I had the money……..

Corder and his associates maintain that traditional wine-making methods and use of the flavonoid-rich grape Tannat commonly grown in southwest France result in high levels of oligomeric procyanidins in the local wine. The researchers are hopeful that further investigation of oligomeric procyanidins-rich wines and foods will provide insight into how blood vessel function might be optimally maintained.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

What to do with useless gifts

Just in time for the holidays I thought I would write for some of the “regifters’ out there. In a recent survey by Tassimo 78 percent of Americans feel that is acceptable to regift some or all of the time.

So this holiday season are you going to be dreading the useless gift from Aunt Betty? Nt to be rude but everyone out there has one relative who always wraps up a pen or something of that nature and you cant help but try to be excited. Well instead here are some tips to give it to someone else who might get more use out of it.

Make sure the recipient will like it. Most people who regift do so because the gift is perfect for someone else (77 percent), which is what gift giving is all about. "You don't want the recipient to have any feeling at all that you are giving them the castoff," says Peggy Post, etiquette expert and author of Excuse Me, But I Was Next. "At the bottom of all this, it's all about being respectful and considerate.” It's also acceptable to regift when you are absolutely certain the recipient would like to have that gift, Post says. So if you do not like neon pink clothes and you best friend does, well then heck wrap it up for her birthday. I used to feel guilty and would be hesitant to do such a thing, but after this article I found out that most Americans engage in this pastime.
Regift to different social circles. If you're going to regift, you need to do it outside of the social circle where you originally received the gift. Some 29 percent of regift recipients recognized the regift because they were present when the gift was first given, according to this report. Make sure if “Sally” was there when you received the present to not hand it on to one of her close friends too. I know it all sounds confusing right? No- mark the present with a note and you will remember down the road who was there and who it was from.

Make sure it's new. Leon Foerster, an insurance agent in Ripon, Wis., recalls receiving an 8-track player full of cobwebs as a wedding gift-a sure tip-off something is not new. Post recommends you don't regift anything that does not come with its original packaging and instructions. The least you can do is rewrap the gift and put a fresh card on it. A full 16 percent of regifters were spotted because the gift tag had the wrong name on it, Tassimo found. You never want to give away a gift the original giver took great care to select, Post says, such as a homemade sweater or scarf. You should also hold on to handmade and one-of-a kind items. The most common regifted items, Tassimo found, are decorative household knickknacks like vases, paintings, and picture frames. Please if you’re going to regift take the time at least to buy a new name tag, that would be embarrassing to give it to your friend with your name on it! And if you know your Aunt spent four days knitting you a sweater, maybe its best to keep it in the garage instead of giving it away. Then you can wear it next time she is there- it will make her feel special.

You can also resell. "One year my daughter was given a Mickey Mouse lamp by a relative who didn't realize she was too old for a Mickey Mouse lamp," says Collier. Her solution: Sell it on eBay. "When we're opening gifts for the holiday there is the eBay pile," says Collier, who usually lists six to eight unwanted Christmas gifts for sale on Christmas Day. "The whole point of someone giving you a gift is to make you happy," she says. "If the gift doesn't make you happy why not sell it on eBay so you can get something that will really make you happy."
Gift cards are regifted too. Thirty percent of people have regifted gift cards or gift certificates, Tassimo found. Alternatively, you could sell, albeit at a discount, or swap your gift card for a different store on for a $3.99 listing fee, regardless of the amount on the card. "Sellers can turn their gift cards into cash," says Michael Kelly, the president and chief operating officer of the Langhorne, Pa.-based company. "Swappers can trade them for cards they really want." This is a great idea and I think I am going to save this link because who knows what I will end up with at the end of the season. One year I received a gift card to Limited Too from some distant relatives and had no use for it, especially since the clothes are made for younger teens.
Laughter is the greatest gift of all. A new website,, created by the Houston-based nonprofit organization Money Management International, provides a forum for sharing regifting experiences, which range from horrifying to hilarious. One poster, Jennifer Aither, an insurance agent in Ripon, Wis., has a family tradition of regifting. For nearly 20 years a peanut butter maker has been passed off as a gift at weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Aither has it now, but she plans to pass it along to a cousin at an upcoming baby shower. "It's become a huge joke," Aither says. "It was so obvious to me that it was a regift that I had to laugh. It's so tacky, it's funny."

Check out this website: You can read some very funny stories of people trying to regift. Hey, if you have the best story you can win up to $100. So sit and think when you are trying to fall asleep and maybe you can add your story to the list!

Hope this helps anyone who wondering what to do with their not so useful gifts.